Landscape Lifecycles is a collection of design and research work I have done and will continue to do. It is also a venue for me to write about, explore, and postulate ideas in landscape architecture I find most compelling for changing the way we think about the world and design. Using concepts of Life Cycle Assessment in materials, Cradle-to-Cradle approaches, and themes from industrial ecology, I believe we can rethink the way our infrastructural landscapes are designed.

Our infrastructural landscapes consist of fuel, food, waste, water, transport, and materials. These are systems humans have developed to sustain the way we live on this planet, all of which are supported by biophysical resources. We are reaching a critical tipping point. The efficient management of these infrastructures becomes evermore important with the rise of population, climate change, and diminishing finite resources.  Designers have the capacity to rethink and reshape the way in which our infrastructural systems operate. For me, it is about forming a cohesion, creating a symbiosis between the now separate systems. Landscape Lifecycles is a place for me to hypothesize the specifics of my developing theory.

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Reincarnating Waste Streams

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